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Is There A Difference Between Indica And Sativa?

Sativas are generally renowned for creating a stimulating "head buzz," which some find beneficial for productivity during the daytime. Indicas however, on the contrary, have a reputation for a "body high" which can provide rest, relaxation as well as pain reduction. You may have heard it being called "couch-lock." 

Hybrids fall into the third type of cannabis and are a popular choice in the market for cannabis. hybrids are bred using both indicas and sativas, and may be associated with one or the other.

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Be aware that the names of strains and compositions of cannabinoids offered by different retailers could differ and not accurately reflect the variety or effectiveness of their marijuana. 

With time and further studies, the science should be at separating the specific differences and officially define varieties, effects, compositions, as well as potential uses for which medical marijuana programs that are regulated by the state and patients depend on.

Indicas and sativas were historically derived in the form of " landrace strains," however there is the emergence of so many crossbreeds in the retail market that varieties are now requiring advanced chemistry research to determine. 


Indica plants are short and bushy, with short broad leaves. The Desired Effects Indicas can be well-known for their sedative properties which relax the body. To be able to recall that indicas are sedative "in on the sofa" is similar to "indica." 


The leaves of Sativa plants are known to be wide and tall.

Expected EffectsSativas have an uplifting and invigorating effect. positive. They are great for events, social occasions, activities, as well as physical exercise.