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Importance Of Wall Cladding In Central Coast

Decorative wall cladding is a replacement or an alternative to products such as wallpaper, ceramic tiles, planking, and timber. It is a very stylish and modern alternative that is increasing in popularity over the years and in some cases becoming the first choice for wall decoration.

It can be fitted into a refurbishment, a new build or even as a replacement to existing wall decorations, it is very hard-wearing and extremely cost-effective, on top of this it is very easy to maintain and install.

Wall cladding in Central Coast can be produced in a wide range of textures, finishes, and colors. The size is completely bespoke and many companies will manufacture them to your specific sizes, they do suit any space be it your home, workplace or even a hotel.

Along with all the above good points, it offers further benefits over the likes of wallpaper and ceramic tiles by offering improved insulation, wipes clean properties and greatly reduces condensation.

The appearance of the cladding is very wide, along with your standard colorings and textures a lot of companies even offer marble effect cladding, this is becoming a very popular choice and looks amazing on the walls, below are some of the marble effects that can be achieved:

  • Italian Green
  • Italian Marble Blue
  • Grey
  • Eggshell

There are many other textures available, another popular one that is often used in bathrooms are mosaic cladding, this gives the effect of many small tiles pieced together and is available in a range of colors.