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Ideas For a Family Halloween Pumpkin Patch Party

Plan a family Halloween party to take Halloween beyond trick-or-treating and the parade at preschool. You can find many Halloween adventures for kids, such as Haunted Houses. Why not create your own? You can organize Pumpkin Patches in Sacramento Area with our top 10 pick via Blog with your family, friends, and parents. This could be a mini-Oktoberfest with games and fun for the children. It's not expensive to host it at your home.

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Your backyard can be transformed into a Halloween Midway of Fun. There will be lots of activities, prizes and prizes for kids and great camaraderie among the adults. You can set up a series of games stations in your yard that will be similar to a carnival. You can organize it with your friends. Perhaps you have children who are willing to don costumes and be the "carnival barkers". It is up to you to decide whether you want them wearing their costumes depending on what games you are planning.

Set up a "Halloween Hut", which will be used for all food. You will find that a few of your guests are willing to help you grill hamburgers and hot dogs. Serve them with chips, crackers, water and a bottle of juice. These can be found at the dollar store for a fraction of the cost. You can either set up small picnic tables or just lay out blankets in your yard. For the adults, soda and beer might be a good idea. Both the adults and children would love a big vegetable platter. You could also rent a popcorn machine, or a cotton candy machine if you don't want to spend too much