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How to Use the Lithium-ion Batteries?

Lithium batteries and not legendary "memory", but there is a strong "inertia". Normal manufacturer of battery, such as original battery, before they leave the factory, are activated, can use directly. The problem is when buy a hand, mobile phone battery has a long time no use, inert will affect battery use. This is the quite unified parlance, how should differences appear in operation. This means that before three times as long as not necessarily to use power running full automatic shutdown, especially, need not filling twelve hours.

The second theory think filling twelve hours, not was necessary completely, and overcharge will affect battery service life. Without filling twelve hours before they leave the factory, is based on batteries have activated, do not need to take special measures.

As mentioned, activation of the energy storage solutions, and placed a period of time, inert and produced. On this point, the second kind of saying no positive replies. So I think, if you don't care too much about service life, and care about standby time, or to be on the safe side, filling twelve hours is wonderful.

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However, there are many people who said, the charging process can be interrupted, i.e. charging must fill. The reason is simple "if the interrupt, oneself go check voltage!" I am not very understanding, dilettante. But if the phone even as a laptop and could not finish filling, just pull it out again, electric is usually finished pull out again.