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How to Use Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is a very soft white crystal. It's best for making homemade soaps and bath salts. The salt can be used with your homemade bath salts to add a hint of pink to the bath water. You can also add some of it to your favorite lotions, lotuses, shampoos, and conditioners.

When you use this salt for the first time, you'll be surprised at how pink your bath water looks, but over time, it will darken to a darker shade of pink. It does become more pink as you add more of the salt and rinse. If you use too much, the bath water will have a creamier consistency, and it will take on a brownish tint.

Using pink salt as part of your bath soap will also make your bath an environment you want to spend time in. It's an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and peace.

Unlike the more chemically enhanced natural salts, Pink Himalayan salt has a nice fluffy texture. It can be used just like the powdered variety, but you can use it in its liquid form for cleaning and other activities.

It can be very interesting to experiment with your pink salt. Try using different colors to change the look of your bathtub.

What happens when you put the salt in the bath? Well, it's best if you leave it there for a few minutes, but the longer you leave it, the more pink you'll end up with. This is the same with powdered salt as well.

Once the salt has dissolved, all you have to do is add water to your bathtub. You should make sure that you have plenty of room in your tub, and that the water is lukewarm, since your water will need to be heated in order to dissolve the salt.

Once the water is warmed up and the salt is fully dissolved, pour the salt into your water. Using a scoop, carefully scoop out enough of the salt to create a soft ball of pink salt.

Using the scoop, add the pink salt to your bath soap, if desired. Remember, you can also add the pink salt to a liquid before using it, but the powder will not dissolve like it would if you are using a solid.

Popular homemade recipe that uses Himalayan pink salt is lavender soap. Lavender scent is a great way to give your bathroom a relaxing ambiance.

Another way to use the pink salt is to add it to your shampoo. Just add a pinch of the pink salt and you'll get a beautiful shimmering purple color for your hair.

It's also a good idea to use pink Himalayan salt to add a shimmering color to your foundation, such as baby powder or talc. These will add a wonderful effect to any complexion.