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How To Troubleshoot Netgear Ex2700 Not Connecting To Internet?

Netgear Ex2700 is used to amplify the current internet signal of the router.  The combination of router and the extender sometimes doesn’t prove successful as both the devices work individually. If you are getting a problem in configuring the extender2700 on the network, then follow the steps mentioned here as under.

Check the links first:

  • The most common issue happen with Netgear Ex2700 is the broken or harmed link.
  • Log in to the interface and check the settings of your router.
  • Enter the IP address of Ex2700 and press ‘Confirm’ to go ahead.
  • If prompted to enter the login username and password, enter the default ID and password.
  • Tap ‘Enter’ again.

Reset Ex2700 extender

  • Disconnect all cables attached to the Netgear extender and connect to the power supply.
  • Click the ‘Reset’ button from the back panel of the extender.
  • Press it for 20 seconds and release it thereafter.

Setup Netgear range extender

  1. To set up the Netgear Ex2700 range extender, plug the extender to the power outlet and place it in proximity to the modem.
  2. Launch a web browser on a smartphone and set up the extender.
  3. Open website named ‘’. After you log in to the extender console, follow the on-screen instructions for Netgear Ex2700 troubleshooting.

Building a new account

  • After the factory reset, create a new account by entering some basic details.
  • Click ‘Continue’.
  • The Wi-Fi extender will now search for the available networks to connect to.
  • Connect to the router’s network by entering the password in the ‘Passkey’ field.
  • Select the right SSID name. This must be verified from other devices that are already connected to the same network.
  • Reconnect the network.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to finish the setup process.

Try accessing the internet now from the extender and check if it is connecting to the internet or not. If still not, then nothing to worry. Just contact the extender experts to get to know about the issue persist in the device and how to get out of it.