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How Thumb Sucking Affects Children Oral Health?

Thumb Sucking: Many parents have struggled with the concept of their child's thumb sucking from the day he or she was born. It is normal for children to suck their thumbs, but at a certain age, it can harm a tooth and future oral health.

At a certain age, when the teeth grow during thumb sucking, they can push the teeth outward. It is the most common habit between the ages of 2 and 4. You can also look for the thumb and finger sucking prevention by visiting the Amazon Australia website.

For a certain age, pacifiers can help as a sucking device for babies rather than using their thumbs. 

Provide a comfortable environment that does not regularly put your child into a habit like a thumb-sucking which can be harmful to their skin and teeth in childhood. Show and explain how sucking the thumb over time will damage their teeth. Children at age 2-3 years are old enough to understand that something is "good" or "bad". Teach the thumb to suck as they should try to escape all the time.

Trying to cover the thumb with things like rubber gloves or Band-Aids or tape, especially at night when they are sleeping and may not even know they are doing it. That cover can protect the skin from open splitting and cause pain, and bad taste can also wake up the baby, so they stop all at once.

Most children like to compete for prizes. If it is a problem at school or daycare, involve teachers or supervisors for this and offer rewards to them.

If nothing works, you can possibly try to talk to the child dentist. The child dentist will be interested in helping, as well as helps to avoid future problems with teeth. Getting rid of the thumb is not so easy!