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Hemorrhoids Treatment Options and How to Prevent Them

Hemorrhoids are also known as infected or irritated blood vessels. They can be found inside or outside of the anus. Hemorrhoids can be caused by excessive pressure during bowel movements, hard stool, or diarrhea. 

The most affected are pregnant women and the elderly. There are many hemorrhoid treatments available that can prevent hemorrhoids from forming and treat them in a matter of days.

You can also consult the doctors for hemorrhoids treatment via navigating to this website.

Get Relief: How You Can Benefit From Nonsurgical Hemorrhoid Treatment: Eric Ibegbu, MD: Gastroenterologist

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Hemorrhoid treatment options

There are many hemorrhoid treatment options. One option is to take a warm, hot bath for 15 minutes every day. You can also use herbal supplements, creams, or suppositories to accomplish the same thing.

A doctor may be required to treat severe conditions such as hemorrhoids that last for a long time and blood loss that is persistent. 

How to prevent hemorrhoids

A few lifestyles and eating changes are the best ways to prevent hemorrhoids. This includes a fiber-rich diet and plenty of water to promote smooth bowel movements. Supplements and fiber products can help to maintain a soft stool. 

Self-care is the best option for hemorrhoids prevention. Hemorrhoid creams can be used to ease pain and irritation. Take a large bath and then apply cool water to the irritated areas. Dry it off gently. Instead of using toilet paper, it is recommended that you use hazel pads.