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Get The Best Solar Pool Cover

Having a swimming pool can be a very big investment. A solar swimming pool cover costs nothing to operate and you will always have a plentiful, renewable energy source – the sun – keep your pool water warm.

The traditional method of heating the pool house is to use either gas-powered or electric heat pumps, require pool owners to keep charging the supply of gas or pay more on what may be the electric bill significantly warmer weather.

A retractable pool cover, which can add 10 to 15-degree water temperature, designed and colored to mesh with the overall appearance of your pool.

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How Solar Pool Covers Work?

A solar swimming pool cover or "blanket" made of UV-resistant polyethylene similar to bubble wrap used as a cushioning package, but is much more durable.

The area of the thousands of bubbles on the cover of a solar swimming pool is large enough to trap and hold large amounts of solar heat and transmit heat to the pool water. By contrast, solar swimming pool cover acts to protect the pool water and prevents heat from escaping.

For the convenience of homeowners, a solar swimming pool cover is designed to be free-floating, so that the removal does not deal with tie-downs or anchor. So, solar pool cover manufacturer now has come up with a solar pool cover reels which facilitate the elimination of the blanket.