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Get Some Information About Tea

This article explores the history and vital components of tea.

In many parts of Asia, chai simply refers to tea. Masala is a mix of spices. This drink is commonly called Chai Tea or Chai Tea Latte in western coffee shops. It is made with premixed and frothy milk. Chai tea, in its traditional sense, refers to the method of making the tea rather than the list of ingredients.

Chai's roots can be traced back more than 5000 years ago. Ayurveda, a natural Hindu healing system, was used at that time. It involved the blending of herbs, spices and teas to get their intrinsic health benefits as well as digestive aids. You must buy tea from the finest premium tea brands.

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Strong black tea leaves are not made by boiling water and then dipping a teabag in it. It is made by infusing leaves into hot water, which is continuously boiling. Infusing the tea leaves in hot water for between 2 and 4 minutes is the best time. You will lose the true flavor of the tea if you allow it to steep for less than 2-4 minutes. The bitter tannins in the leaves will soon be visible and ruin the tea's taste.

This tea is sweetened with spices, but the flavor of the tea must still be expressed. To stand up to other flavors, a strong variety of tea is required. Darjeeling or Assam are common choices. Kashmir green tea is also used.

Full fat milk is preferred for a thicker and creamier texture. Tea traditionally contains half water and half milk.

You can use honey, or jaggery as sugar. Condensed milk or evaporated milk can be used. This doubles the milk's nutritional value. A large amount of sweetener might be required depending on the other ingredients.