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Factors Determining Ibogaine Therapy Cost

Ibogaine is a herb found in South Africa. Scientist claim that it can heal any type of addiction. If you or your loved ones are a drug addict and want to be drug-free, then it is good to find a good rehab center. One of the major factors you have to consider is its treatment cost. The cost of Ibogaine rehab centre not only include medication but also include the accommodation and doctor's fees. Any Ibogaine therapy cost you at least $5000. Hence it is advised to read the Ibogaine therapy testimonials  online so that you would not regret later.


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Following are the factors influencing the cost of Ibogaine Therapy:

  • Treatment from Qualified Doctors

Reputable treatment centres will ensure that their staffs are qualified and provide you with the best services. They have licensed doctors and nurses who provide you with safe and effective Ibogaine therapy.

  • Counselling

The success of the treatment depends on the mental condition of the patient. For this, good rehab centres provide counselling sessions so that you would ready for the treatment mentally and physically.

  • Aftercare

It is very important to care for a patient about the treatment is done. Full recovery involves the integration of emotional, physical and spiritual elements. Therefore, Ibogaine therapy should be taken at least three times for save and effective recovery.