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Everything You Need To Know About Paying for Home Health Care

Every citizen has the right to health care services. What about the elderly who wish to live at home? Who will pay the bill? The patient, his family, or public funding can pay for home health care. Private sources are also available. You can find the home health care in Massachusetts for your requirement of your elders.

The American Cancer Society and the Alzheimer's Association are two other community organizations that can assist elderly patients with their home care. Private third-party payers include managed services associations, workers' comp, insurance companies, and CHAMPUS.

Some people may not meet the requirements of third-party payers. Patients would have to pay for the care. There might be some negotiation with home care providers.

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MedicaidThis program is administered by the state. This program is a joint federal-state aid for low-income Americans. Each state has its own eligibility requirements. However, they only need to provide home health services for people who are receiving federally-assisted income such as Social Security Income or Aid to Families With Dependent Children. 

MedicareMedicare assistance is available to most Americans over 65. A Medicare-certified agency may be able to provide home care services for an individual who wants them. The agency can provide nursing, physical, occupational, and HCA services depending on the patient's medical needs. Access to medical supplies is also available for patients. The referring physician must authorize a home health care plan. This needs to be renewed every six months.

Veterans AdministrationVeterans who have suffered service-related injuries or are disabled at least 50% will be eligible for coverage through the Veterans Administration. The services will be authorized by a physician and delivered via the agency's home health units.