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Do you want to use your Business Card Effectively?

The business card is an integral part of any company or business. But we can make full use of business cards only when we use them in the right way. Be sure to keep the following tips in mind:

Send correspondence, give a business card

Be sure to include your business card in all your correspondence. Put one on everything you email, including your personal or business invoices. Do the same with creative business cards. You can buy custom business cards from

This is like planting a seed without knowing if the seed will sprout or take ground, but knowing that the more seeds you sow, the more fruit you can buy to harvest. You never know who will read your card, and who they know that it might be forwarded to you, or perhaps how many degrees of separation there are between you, the person, and a "make my career" client.

Rotate to extend your networking through partnerships

Ask the business manager or owner if they will be willing to interact to increase everyone else's business. Now there are incredibly few companies in the world who disagree, so this becomes an excellent possibility to exchange business cards.

Ask the manager if he can drop off a collection of your business card to display or share personally with prospects and you'll be ready to do the same for these people. This is a very effective tactic because a good deal of traffic for small businesses comes from word-of-mouth marketing.