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Do You Know What’s In Your Wine?

A lot of people love wine. For those who get pleasure from this beverage, it may be regarded as one of the pleasures of life. Studies show that the first known wine production prepared with grapes occurred in 6000 BC.

Many people know that red wine contains resveratrol that has cardioprotective benefits. We also know that drinking too much can lead to liver cirrhosis and alcoholism. If you want to learn about wines, then you can join wset certified courses.

However, the topic of this article is not about how alcohol affects your health. It is about what you may not know that there is in a bottle of wine.

No matter whether how expensive or inexpensive wine you drink, you may be ingesting pesticides, heavy metals, and the whole detective additive.

If you've tried to stay healthy by purchasing grass-fed meats and fruits and organic vegetables, why you do not worry about what you drink regularly, or several times a week?

Here, we will see some surprising information about what that might be present in your wine and how to choose a wine that does not contain ingredients disgusting.

9 Out Of 10 French Wines Containing Pesticides

Decanter wine trade journal reported on a recent study of more than 300 French wines that only 10% of those tested were clean of pesticides and fungicides.

Despite all the individual pesticide residues appear on the lower level limits set by the French environmental agency, some of the samples appeared to many as nine separate pesticides!