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Disposing And Keeping Of Flammable Oil

The smallest spark of electricity can ignite flammable liquids, even static electricity. Every homeowner and business needs to be able to dispose of flammable liquids safely. Paints, solvents, and rubbing alcohol are all examples of potentially hazardous liquids. Properly storing and removal of combustible liquids will not only keep you and your family safe but also help protect the environment.

The flashpoint classification is what determines whether a liquid is flammable. This is the temperature at which enough vapor is produced to ignite the liquid. Anything with a flash point lower than 140 degrees F (60 C), is considered flammable. This applies to both federal and state regulations. It is illegal to dispose of flammable liquids in your garbage or flush them down the toilet.

Is Oil Flammable?

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How to keep flammable Liquids

Properly storing your flammable liquids in a safe place is crucial. Any liquid or vapor that leaks can set off a fire in your house or business. If possible, store liquids in the original containers or use a container made from the same material. Your containers should be sealed and labeled.

You should be aware of any leakages in your containers as a small leak can quickly spread. Avoid flammable or combustible liquids near stairs, doors, hallways, and other areas. Keep flammable liquids away from pets and children to protect yourself and others.