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Disk Cleaner

CuperUtilities Disk Cleaner is a utility for cleaning disks from information that clogs your system and reduces the performance of your computer. with the help of this tool, you can search and delete temporary files and folders, search for invalid links to documents that don’t exist, delete cookies, erase Internet history and more.

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Platforms: Designed for Windows Vista, XP, Me, 98, 95 and 2000


Windows applications create several files on your hard drive for temporarily storing the data. These files are supposed to be removed when application terminates. Often, however, the temporary files are not removed because of a program error or careless architecture, because your system was reset or not shut down properly, or because another application has stopped responding or crashed. It is important to know that any file which is left behind in this manner will remain on your system unless you manually search and remove it. Over time, these junk and obsolete files can accumulate to megabytes of wasted hard drive space, as well as turn into potential error-producing cross-linked drive references. CuperUtilities Disk Cleaner targets these specific types of files which are missed by common disk utilities like Uninstaller, Defrag and Scandisk etc, ensuring that all junk files are removed from your system.

What’s New in CuperUtilities Disk Cleaner v1.1?

Fully compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/2003 Server/Windows Vista
Added support for buliding detailed report
Added support for viewing history logs
Added support for CuperUtilities RescueCenter, easily restore deleted files
All searching options can be configured on the Options dialog


CuperUtilities Disk Cleaner Screenshot CuperUtilities Disk Cleaner Screenshot CuperUtilities Disk Cleaner Screenshot


CuperUtilities Disk Cleaner uses a built-in ignore list, and will exclude many important files from being deleted. You can also add your own files to the ignore list easily, and they will not be found again.

The Disk cleaner utility helps you clean temp files, junk, unwanted, obsolete and unneeded files from your disks and regain disk space. You will be left with a clean drive.

Optionally clean disk of zero-length files, temporary internet files, etc.

The reason why each file is not needed will be shown by the disk cleaner, unlike other disk cleaners that blindly clean files.

From the list of files, advanced users can open/explore any file and confirm the file is unwanted.

From the list of categories or files, advanced users can export detail report.

Allows important folders you wish to be excluded from scanning altogether.

It can use wild cards.

Don’t waste too much time, Powerful – can be customized to find your own junk file types.

Offers a detail report.

Why clean your Disk?

There are several reasons to clean your system disks. Here are the most important ones.

It increases performance of your computer due to decreasing of the used disk space and the paging file, and cutting time for data search, since there is less data to search through. And, of course, cleanness is the key to health not only for humans, but for any system.

Another important reason to clean your computer is to secure your information from intruders. When working with the internet, the browser records all sorts of personal information such as name, birthday, address, credit card numbers, and much more. This information is used to automatize working with certain websites and is updated in the course of dealing with those websites.

Our program is fast and effective in cleaning your disk space, improving the performance of your computer, and maintaining the security of your personal information.