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Digital Marketing – The Role of Social Media in SEO

In August of 2011, Google made an announcement that Google+ results would appear in Google results for searches. The announcement has since altered the concept of what the concept of social media marketing used to mean. 

There were previously clear lines between social networks and search. Since an increasing blurring between these two, it has become more complicated, and the Internet scene has been transformed. You can also get 4-week online training in a social media course.

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Google+ is basically Google's attempt to create an online social network, like Facebook. The primary goal of the project is to surpass Facebook in terms of user numbers as well as advertising revenue. 

Google has added a variety of its highly-rated products with Google Plus, some of which include Picasa, Gmail, and Google Maps. Users who are a part of Google+ to share photos as well as other information from one point.

As the field of search engine marketing (SEM) continues to grow as digital marketing experts believe that search engines will alter their algorithms in order to include more social media signals in their search results pages. 

It could be a time, sometime in the near future, when social media signals will be valued more over traditional hyperlinks that are incoming. 

The primary reason this theory has been put forward is due to the fact that only a tiny percent of all websites produce informative content, leaving hyperlinks to just a handful of websites.

When considering hyperlinks from social media as well as other signals that search engines are able to consider, they can gather data from a vast number of users that are expected to improve the quality of their results.