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Custom Balloon Printing – New Age Advertising

Today's businesses understand the importance of branding and advertising. The consumer today is more informed, aware, and knowledgeable about the products that he chooses. It is important that communication about a product is clear and effective. Promotional balloons are a powerful marketing tool that is taking the world by storm.

Because of its simplicity and affordability, balloon printing is quickly gaining popularity. A business can also customize their promotional materials in any way they wish. Screen printing allows you to create custom balloon printing by stretching a silkscreen on a frame and exposing it for light. The screen is placed under a slightly stretched balloon and then a special ink is dropped onto it. 

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To achieve the desired result, the image is transferred to the balloon. You can create the image you want to print on the balloon using a computer. The image is printed on A4-sized film. An exposure box then transfers the image to the mesh screen. Because printing in multiple colors can be expensive, custom balloon printing is typically only done for one color.

Custom balloon printing has seen great advancements. You can use almost any image you like and transfer it to the balloon. You can put anything on your balloon, including text, logos, brands, and even ambassadors' faces. Based on your budget and purpose, you can choose from latex or Mylar balloons. They can be inflated using water, air, or helium gas.

Printing custom balloons are not only for business promotion. Printing balloons is a great way to show your love and support for family members and friends. You can print your own 'Happy Birthday' or anniversary message on a bunch of balloons.