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Best Die Cutting Presses

There are many different types of presses and some of the most common are used for die cutting. Some of the modern presses which are available today can include:

o Swing beam press

o Travelling head press

o High speed & kiss cutting presses

o Knife cutting systems

o Plastic card & credit card cutting systems

o Envelope cutting systems

Envelope cutting presses can be both manually and automatically operated, and can turn out hundreds of thousands of blanks in just a few hours. Many envelope cutting machines are computer controlled and hundreds of different programs may be stored in the computers memory for simple and instant recall. You can also get the information about compression molding online.

With travelling head presses, the material and tool are placed below the head of the travelling head press. By pressing a button or combination of buttons the operator van brings the head down under force to cut out the shape. The travelling head automatically moves over to the side to enable the operator to reposition the tool for the next cut. The travelling head press is very versatile and can be used for high or low production capacity.

Cutting and kiss cutting systems are very flexible, highly accurate and a consistent quality of cut components is easily achieved. many of these systems have touch screen programming control, and self diagnostics ensure trouble free running.

Presses provide a means of compressing and shaping components by exerting a high pressure on them. Depending on their method of functioning, a distinction is to be made between mechanical and hydraulic presses. Hydraulic presses use a gas or liquid as the power transmitting medium. Their operation is based on the phenomenon that the pressure exerted on the liquid or gaseous medium which is compressed in a cylinder is of the same magnitude at all points of the cylinder. ‘Pressure’ is defined as force acting per unit of area.