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Be Aware of these Printing Hacks

printer in Brisbane commercial

One of the best electronic gadgets considered in the market is printers. The moment you touch the button of the printer, you get to print documents, notes and other paperwork. A printer is a device seen in schools, offices, and homes; companies are often introducing new printer models every year. The latest models come with the latest features that have allowed us to print with ease. Apart from just printing, these are a few hacks you should be aware of.

  1. Squeeze the Ink Cartridge till Dried – The moment you see the warning light related to ink, you may be replacing the cartridge immediately. However, you shouldn’t just replace the cartridge immediately. Rather than changing the cartridge immediately, you should ensure the print quality diminishes completely.
  2. Switch over to Economy Mode – Economy mode is seen in newer printer models. This mode should only be used provided you don’t need to print all the details. Using the economy mode allows you to save on ink cartridge helping the cartridge to last longer.
  3. Use a Hairdryer to Squeeze the Cartridge – You may experience print getting diminished in the middle of printing. If you come across this situation, then ensure you squeeze the cartridge by using a hairdryer. It helps the dried ink to melt in order to print documents if under any emergency situation.
  4. Use Energy Saving Features – Using the energy-saving feature is great when it comes to saving on electricity bills but also protecting the environment. Before you use this feature, ensure you read all the instruction manuals.

These are some of the hacks your commercial printer in Brisbane can do.