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All About Types Of Ventilation

Ventilation is an important factor in each and every building like houses, farms, schools, hospitals, etc. It provides air movement that brings cooling and improves air quality for the people as well as for animals on farms.

Ventilation is mainly of two types: Passive ventilation (natural) and Mechanical Ventilation (via fans). 

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Passive ventilation: Natural ventilation is the removal and ventilation air supply through openings in a building. It comes via natural wind flow around the building and the temperature difference between inside and outside the building.

Natural ventilation is often not enough, because the atmospheric temperature and the exchange rate varies with the external changes in temperature and wind conditions.

Mechanical Ventilation: This type of ventilation is used where the air temperature and movement must be controlled via fans or blowers. The most common strategy is to use a fan to blow air out of the construction, with the new air drawn through the hole on the other side.

However, fans can also be loaded into the warehouse to drain water and improve the uniformity of the disease. The most important benefit of mechanical ventilation is the fact that it provides control over the airflow and temperature in the center even on days when the wind is not blowing improved.