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All About Tamper Proof Envelopes

Scared that your important documents will be read by anyone while in the transfer? Terrified that some anti-social elements will pilfer your goods or samples when in transit?

So it's high time you get some peace of mind by getting in touch with reputed Mailer Courier Bags Supplier. These bags are designed in such a way that they are tamper-proof and will tear only when anyone makes an effort to open it, indicating tampering.

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Uses of Tamper Proof Envelopes

These bags are used for day to day business and personal mailing and for transferring various items like:

  • Brochures
  • Samples
  • Correspondence Letters
  • Important office documents
  • Confidential documents or articles.
  • Avoid tampering

The Tamper Evident Courier Bags and envelopes are very useful in securing documents, cash, personal effects, and other valuables.

Chief features of Tamper Proof Envelopes

  • These bags are made from 75 microns co-extruded LDPE films
  • Exclusive barcoding and serial numbering for trouble-free storage and classification of the sealed valuables
  • The tape that is highly secured and is capable of signifying different form of tampering. Tape of Level 1 to Level 4 can be chosen as per your requirement.
  • There is double sealing to make sure that no tampering is there all along the side slits of the bags.

There is a large number of bags available like a moneybag, collection bag, funeral bag, courier bag, offering bag, coin pouches, locking courier-transport bag, coin bag and locking bank deposit bag.

There are a whole lot of suppliers who are selling tamper-proof bags online. When you shop online there is a lot of variety to choose from which otherwise would not be possible in the local market.