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About Horse Vitamin Supplements

Equine supplements are big business, and no wonder. Almost every horse owners miracle at some point if they have to feed their horses vitamin supplements. 

Whether it's an old horse that became rigid or have difficulty maintaining body weight, the horse's performance under extra pressure because it indicates a busy schedule, or just a trail ride friend who nails prone to crack, there are supplements that are marketed to the problem. You can buy and get more information about horse vitamins & minerals through

So, why do we need to take vitamin horseback riding?

In nature, the horse gets all the nutrients it needs from foraging in the grass and herbs. Natural selection means that horses are difficulties persist in the fiber available tend to reproduce, so small, hard, saving wild horses. 

Once humans tamed horses, though, they began to breed for special properties in addition to thriftiness; things such as size, speed, jumping ability, and appeal. If the animal is otherwise excellent inclined towards thin, it is given more feed in the form of concentrates such as grains, but still will be raised.

At the same time, the horses are removed from their natural environment where they roam over vast distances, eat a variety of different plants. Domestic horses can spend at least part of their life on the prairie, but generally in a limited space, often several acres or less. Except in the pasture land contains an ideal nutrient profile (which are very few places have), then feed it to grow out of the ground to be lacking in certain vitamins and minerals.