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A Trip to the Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Getting a Business Visa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is probably the most difficult thing to do next only to the United States for ordinary Indians. But due to diligent preparation under the expert guidance of my travel desk, I was finally able to get one after a waiting period of one month. I have learned a lot of things about Indians travelling to Saudi Arabia but was patient enough to be there.

Kingdom was just off the Iraq War and American troops have left the country. Oil Economy is back to the boom with a number of infrastructure projects in the pipeline. There are many good things about Saudi Arabia except for its Visa procedure. As many people couldn't obtain their visa for Saudi Arabia. However, this problem has also been solved with the advent of online visa services. If you are also planning to visit the kingdom but don't have a visa yet, you can apply it from here

I was travelling to Dammam which is located in the northeastern Kingdom was the Base of Americans during the Iraq war. Log in to Dammam was not easy. I landed in Bahrain which is a weekend pleasure hang-out of Arabians. After obtaining a visa on arrival, I hired a taxi to take me across the causeway to Saudi Arabia. the causeway was a smooth ride through jam-packed vehicles on Thursday afternoons with people from Dammam rushing towards the paradise of pleasure.

I went through a rigorous shakedown on the causeway and carrying illicit materials such as drugs, alcohol, adult CDs or magazines can attract severe punishment. I have lost my luggage transfer Airlines in Dubai and was looking for a provisions store where I could buy my bare essentials.

I found them at the nearest store that just was just walking from my hotel in Al-Khobar. I did not realize the heat of the place as I had been there only during the cool hours in the evening. Early morning start at 5 and it was too hot in there. People began to work no later than 7 o'clock to beat the afternoon heat.

People wear a heavy load of gold all over their body. In addition to the traditional market, modern electronic gadgets are easily available in the market. Sony's latest laptop models are available on the spot. Clothing brands from around the globe are available in stores. So plan your trip to Saudi sooner, you will also b thrilled with the unique tradition and history of the Kingdom.